Paramjeet Paramjeet Singh
JAVA trainee

High point of training was IIT trainer and evaluation at the end of training.
Sample Swapan
JAVA trainee
Currently with DRDO

Single most benefit of training was to be able to use theoretical concepts in real application.
Sample Tribhuwan
JAVA trainee
Currently with TCS Kolkata

Training is actually bridging the gap between theory and application and not just a tag-line of BinSys IT Training.
Ashish Ashish Handa
JAVA trainee

Trainer was of very high quality and that was expected as he was from IIT. He would explain concepts in very simple way and solve queries right away.
sample Shakti Thakur
PHP trainee
Currently with Geono

Explaining concepts with reference to its industry application really enhanced the level of understanding.
vinod Vinod Tomar, CEO & Founder, Vinod Tomar Logiestics Pvt. LTD

BinSys has improved my business productivity more than 10 times faster. Initially we had been managing two offices in Mumbai and Delhi. Now it is online and we do not have any hesitation of recommending any one for automation of their respective business processes.
sample Deepak Kumar, CEO & Founder, Orchid Labs

BinSys went above and beyond the contract terms to ensure that I get the best service for my projectís requirements. Its commitment towards clients is worth praising. I have worked with lot of people in my professional career, and BinSysís team...
sample Shekhar Awasthi, CEO

Thanks for making website up to my expectations and being patient with my ever-changing requirements.
sample Coming Soon.....

Company Profile

BinSys Technologies Pvt.Ltd. is an established company which is offering Technology training, IT services and business services through its skilled human capital.

We deliver services of any complexity to clients worldwide. BinSys has a strong team of skilled and experienced IT and Business experts. Our customers are companies of all sizes ranging from startups to large enterprises who realize that they need professional training, IT and business solutions to generate revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline business operations.

Our services are amalgam of discipline and dedication, sincerely aimed at helping customers to meet their demanding business goals, efficiently.

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